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With over 15 years experience , we have been involved at some time in every section of the Automotive Industry.


We have travelled overseas to repair hail damage, platform work- repairing cars in some of the UK's largest car factories and within all major dealerships


Worked for International Corporate dent companies and now we work together to provide the finest dent repairs throughout South Yorkshire, providing a quick, convenient, cost effective mobile service at competetive rates.


The majority of our work is in major car dealerships but we are more than happy to expand into the private retail market where experience and a personal aproach really seems to show.


Our client base includes the biggest dealerships in the country including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche along with retailers of luxury cars such as Farrari .

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PDR Technician

07989 323 124 


Area Covered: Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Retford

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